Mercedes-Benz Senzati Jet Class: The ultimate chauffeur driving experience

Mercedes-Benz Senzati Jet Class: The ultimate chauffeur driving experience. 

Let us say that you want something above and beyond what is offered by every other chauffeur service. Let us also assume that regular luxury cars just won’t cut it no matter how exquisite they are. If you crave the ultimate say, the absolute last word when it comes to chauffeur driving then there is only one way to go and that is by choosing our Mercedes-Benz Senzati Jet Class. It is essentially a V-class, which by itself is a pretty luxurious car, that has been spruced up to the maximum level of opulence you can get on four wheels. It gives you a taste of the jet-set life and being chauffeured around in one of these cars is a privilege only a select few have ever experienced inside a car.

Generally, when a car is manufactured, it is done so keeping a lot of things in mind and one of them is a budget which forces even luxury cars to cut some corners. Often these are not a huge deal but when you are in the search of the very best, even these minor quirks are unacceptable. It is for customers with such uncompromising taste that the Mercedes-Benz Senzati Jet Class came into existence and we at ECS are incredibly proud that we can offer it as an option for your chauffeur driving requirements.

Luxury like you have never experienced before:

There was a time from a bygone era when a fortunate few would travel the world in jets that were decked out in the most extravagant manner possible. This car tries to capture that level of luxury on four wheels and it does so with panache. Everything about this car is unexpectedly lavish. From the near preposterous legroom to the level of comfort and extravagance in every nook and corner, this car feels more like the most expensive room in the most lavish palace. ECS believes in meeting the requirements of even our most astute customers and that is why this car is a part of our chauffeur line-up.

Attention to detail and unheard luxuries on four wheels:

One of the surest hallmarks of absolute luxury is attention to detail and you will get a sense of that from the very moment you see this car. It is grand on the outside and an absolute treat on the inside. Once you take your seat, everything will feel just right. The position of the armrest, the support offered by the seats, and the way everything is placed will all feel perfect. Of course, with ECS, it doesn’t just stop there. This car is maintained religiously and every customer who hires the Mercedes-Benz Senzati Jet Class will be treated to an experience that cannot be rivalled.

Top-class ECS luxury service:

It is only natural that you would expect the ultimate service too when you use our services to hire a Mercedes-Benz Senzati Jet Class 2. That is why each of our Senzati Jet Class cars comes fitted with some truly luxurious extras such as dual TV screens that come equipped with Netflix and Apple TV, audio entertainment in the form of Bluetooth connectivity, a fridge in the centre console and upholstery done with Alcantara and leather. The Jet Class also features, reclining front-facing seats and starlight headlining. You also get bottled water, chewing gum, tissues, and 4g WIFI. ECS provide the best service when it comes to chauffeur driving and when you choose the Senzati Jet Class, you get an experience that is simply not available elsewhere. Our endeavour has always been to make our customers feel like kings and queens and our Mercedes-Benz Senzati Jet Class achieves that in the most artful and imaginative way possible.

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